Our job at Freecs is to create new spaces in which people can live.We are filling the container that is buildings with people’s hopes and dreams,in order to create new life.For this reason, people are always central to our concept.
We are responding in a comprehensive way to our client’s needswith free thinking and original designs unfettered by preconceptions.
Freecs is not simply an architectural office or design office, but responds to a wide variety of needs using advanced technology and designs backed up by our software. Our aim is to be a partner providing the best solution for our clients.


「Free」+「Customer Satisfaction」

[ Life for People ]
Always think architecture with a focus on the people.
[ Creative Power ]
Rising free idea from the personality respect organization.
[ Design Power ]
Taking customer needs objectively. not self-satisfaction.
[ Total Power ]
Create the consistent value from architecture to interior.


  • Company Name
    Freecs Co.,Ltd.
  • Executives
    CEO Kenji Kogiku
  • Established
    August 5th 1999
  • Capital
    20 million Yen
  • Address
    Wacohre Sangenjaya 64 Bldg. 5F,1-37-8 Sangenjaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
  • Registration ・ Licenses
    1st Class Certified Architect in Japan Tokyo Metropolitan Governor Registration No. 55416
    Managing Architect - Kenji Kogiku General Construction and Soil Registration No. 164715
    Realty Business Tokyo Metropolitan Governor Registration No.92159
  • Business Content
    Architectural planning, design, management and consulting
    Interior planning and design, including model room setting
    Reform design and operation
    Sale of interior-related items including furniture, curtains and lighting
    Housing evaluation, description and sale
    Photography and sale of photographs
  • Awards
    Good Design Award
    2005 Blancrea Yoyogi Park
    2007 Favorrich Tower Sinagawa
    2008 Authentcourt Haruhino


Wacohre Sangenjaya 64 Bldg. 5F,1-37-8 Sangenjaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.
30 seconds walk from the [San-gen-jaya] station,Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line.
Building neighboring is the [Karaoke-Kan] . 1F is [Family Mart].


TEL03-5712-5117 / FAX 03-5712-5118
Reception time [Mon - Fri] 10:00 to 17:00 (except holidays)